By dave | May 11, 2021

Examples of this theme

Below we show three examples of this theme, first you see an inverse title example, but with sliders turned on, we don’t do this by default as it comes with some issues, but some may like it. Second, we show inverse video on a dual color OLED, and lastly, we show the bordered theme.

menu library on oled screen bordered

oled menu using border theme plugin

menu library on 2 color oled screen inverse

Two color oled inverse theme plugin

menu library on oled screen inverse title

oled menu using inverse title theme plugin

TcMenu ships with two monochrome themes, one that uses borders for the title and avoids the use of inverse video to a large extent, and one where the title and selection use inverse video.

Depending on the display you have, inverse video may not work particularly well, so this gives a bordered option too.

There is quite a bit of configurability around the theme, with the main parameters being the title and item font, along with the padding around the title, and the spacing between items. The title can be set to always display, display as if it were a menu item, or never display.

These plugins will add a theme file to your sketch, which once generated will not be touched again by designer. So that you can edit it to meet your needs. Should you wish to regenerate the file, delete it and then it will be regenerated.

Here is the full documentation of how tcMenu rendering works. Toward the bottom of that article is a complete section on how the theme based rendering works.

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