Libraries to make embedded development easier.

We’ve written a number of high quality libraries that work on an unprecedented number of boards, including Arduino, mbed, PicoSDK, STM32Cube, ESP-IDF and Raspberry PI. These libraries and frameworks are battle tested, having been used in literally thousands of live designs. Take a look at the “Products” section. See our production ready open-source libraries.

Not everyone wants to build commercial products on top of Arduino, and recently PicoSDK has been added to the list. If we get enough donations we’d consider supporting STM32Cube and ESP-IDF too.

We are audiophiles and as such like both listening to music and building audio equipment. TcMenu’s first use-case was an audio amplifier, and you’ll see many of the examples still show that. But rest assured, it has been used for many other purposes from Agriculture, Home automation, Model trains, Live audio control, Lighting control to name a few.

What people have said

Thank you, John, GitHub

Thank you for these libraries and for somewhere to discuss them. I have been using the various libraries for some years now as part of my activities...

From Tcc Forum

I had grand ambitions, and, with the support of my company, managed to execute on most of them. TFT_eSPI, tcMenu and taskManagerIO really made it happen....

GitHub Stars

We have over 500 stars on GitHub shared across all the repositories and several sponsors past and present, nothing says thank you quite like that.

Recently added..

Using the App Store version of Embed Control

By dave on December 6, 2023

Embed Control allows you to control tcMenu based applications using either a mobile phone or desktop computer. is gradually being made available on the App Store, in a lighter user-centric form more suited to end users and mobile device use. It uses the same forms as the full desktop developer version and has at least as good connectivity. Available already on the Windows Store, and a BETA/RC is available for all Apple devices.

Generating Form Layouts for use with Embed Control

By dave on December 4, 2023

Embed Control can load layouts that have been generated in tcMenu Designer. These layouts provide more control over the mobile layout than what is possible using the Auto UI. Either the user-centric or tcMenu Designer based UI can load forms, but only tcMenu Designer can create them. How does Embed Control show menu items? A form layout is nothing more than a grid of drawing instructions, and you can select the number of columns in the grid, along with the layout name and a few common options.

Embed Control developer version for controlling and monitoring Arduino

By dave on May 25, 2022

There are two versions of Embed Control desktop UI, the first is built into TcMenu Designer and is aimed at developers and more advanced users that fully understand the menu tree, and may want to create customize views. The second version is a user-centric Embed Control packaged for App Stores and available from the App Store for that platform. This version will also support mobile devices running iOS and Android soon.

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