NOTE: presently only offers training and short-term consultancy around our products, I work full time so can only offer a few days of training and consultancy that fit around my main job. Purchasing training or consultancy from me helps me pay for the hosting, certificates and other requirements of the projects.

Developers of today have to be able to deal with a large number of devices and programming languages. Over the past few years the way we use computers and devices has fundamentally shifted; but many companies are struggling to keep up with this change. Today, network connectivity is expected in any reasonably priced device. Often putting companies unused to such development in a difficult position.

I will say upfront that I do not work in the IoT or embedded domain, by day I am a Java/TypeScript/C++ software developer in financial services and these libraries are my hobby. I hope you enjoy using them, and that they are useful for you. But before going further, please understand my view point on this.

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More background on this: Experienced network communication consultant

Don’t think Arduino is up to use in commercial products then consider Arduino for your next product

Consider using Arduino for your new product

By dave on January 10, 2018

Edited 02/2024: Over the time I wrote this around 5 years ago, things have really moved on. Now many low volume IoT solutions do ship from what’s effectively Arduino, mbed, or similar. I was proven right and even native chains have all moved toward simplified builds with CMake and helpful starting points. PlatformIO is heavily used and productionizes Arduino builds amongst other things, with a good CLI. My next prediction is that exceptionally costly compilers and IDEs will fall out of favour and Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and CLion will make up the lions share, using “gcc” as the compiler along with the CMake build tool.

Java and Embedded AVR C++ Consulting from TheCodersCorner

By dave on March 10, 2013

I specialise in multithreaded network programming and embedded C++; with in excess of 20 years experience writing applications in both Java and C++. Having spent many years writing systems that need to communicate using differing protocols, often for exchange connectivity we are familiar with many topologies. In terms of multithreaded development we have built systems with low latency requirements using various methodologies. More recently using non locking bus style designs such as message bus, chronicle and disruptor.

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