IoT Application Development

IoT applications cover a wide range from simple devices with maybe one sensor and no local input, right through to heavily connected devices with a local display and input facilities. Our libraries can help out in nearly all of the above cases, shortening the time to market. Whatever the product, our libraries will have a starting point that we could use in order to build that type of product.

What boards can we build for?

Going the device framework route, we can still use our libraries providing some degree of abstraction in case a later move is needed. We can build for RP2040 Pico-SDK, ESP32-IDF, STM32Cube, Atmel AVR/SAMD. We can also support nearly all Arduino and mbed boards.

Large IoT application mobile app, local display and input

In this case we’d nearly always chose to start with TcMenu, this rapid application framework can cut the time to build such an application by up to an order of magnitude. It handles all aspects of user input and the display of configuration values, while allowing for “dashboards” and custom display rendering at appropriate times. Along with the above, we can use the built in support for EmbedControl TagVal remote, which allows you to use our ready built mobile application, or we can generate you a white label version of the application.

Prefer to use a third party IoT provider

If you prefer, we can use plugins to interface with most IoT solutions that already exist, such as Amazon, Azure, Arduino, Blynk etc. In fact the library is built from the ground up to handle multiple remote connections at the same time, so you could have the best of both worlds.

Need the remote data via API

We have APIs in Java, C#, Dart, C++, JavaScript. They have a fairly uniform way of access the messages coming off the wire.

Smaller device, maybe with only one or two sensors

For smaller devices, we’d recommend the use of TaskManagerIO library that enables event based programming. It may be beneficial depending on complexity to also use IoAbstraction library as well. Again, basing on these libraries can simplify development saving you time and money.

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