tcMenu Designer app

By system on December 5, 2020

TcMenu designer is the application that allows you to quickly generate data structures that can be used with tcMenu, it works in association with input, display, and remote capability plugins to provide a full application with IoT capabilities over Serial, Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet. Additional endpoints can be easily created. You can choose to use either the App Store version or download it from here, the advantage (and disadvantage) of the App store version is that it’s kept up to date for you, but as a result from now on it will be updated a lot less frequently.

embedCONTROL app

By system on September 5, 2020

embedCONTROL is an app for controlling devices that display the app logo, or any tcMenu embedded app with remote control enabled. It allows you to manage the device on the local area network, or soon using many well-known IoT solutions. We are starting to roll out early BETA versions of this, starting with UWP, then iOS, then Android. Bear in mind this is a BETA, and we ask you don’t use it in production yet.

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