TcMenu - IoT ready menu designer and library for Arduino and mbed

TcMenu is a modular, IoT ready menu library for Arduino and mbed with an intuitive designer UI, supporting many input, display and IoT / remote interfaces. Using designer you can build menus and submenus in stages, round-tripping between IDE and designer with a full CI friendly CLI too.

We support a wide range of displays, we test every release with HD44780, ST7735, ST7739, ILI9341, Nokia5110, SSD1306, SH1106. However, the library supports many more options. We have plugins for LiquidCrystal, AdaFruit_GFX, U8G2, TFT_eSPI, and also for LTDC framebuffer on STM32 mbed. It’s even possible not to have a local display. Further, creating your own drawable gets much easier in tcMenu 2.0.

For input, our menu library uses IoAbstraction, allowing a wide range of options including rotary encoders, analog and digital joysticks, touch-pads, touch-screens, and matrix keyboards. Any of those can be connected over I2C, including as many rotary encoders as needed. It is also easy to implement your own input.

Our menu designer can build in IoT capabilities near automatically. Allowing you to remotely monitor and control your device using embedCONTROL or using our Java Remote API on Ethernet2, UipEthernet (ENC28J60), ESP8266-WiFi, ESP32-WiFi, Bluetooth and Serial. Other connectors can easily be added.

Boards that we have tested on

Processor Boards we test on Platform Testing Notes
AVR Uno Arduino DfRobot LCD Shield in Uno mode
AVR Mega2560 Arduino I2C LCD, Nokia5110, Encoder, Keyboard, Ethernet, Bluetooth
SAMD MKR1300, Seeed MG126 Arduino ST7735 TFT, Encoder, and Ethernet Shield
nRF52840 Nano 33 BLE Arduino(mbed) Sense modules, encoder, OLED
ESP8266 NodeMcu, Wifi Kit 8 Arduino TFT with touch, Encoder, OLED and Ethernet
ESP32S Wifi32 (single core) IDF/Arduino ILI9341 TFT, Encoder, TouchPad, Ethernet
ESP32D WROVER, WROOM (dual) IDF/Arduino ILI9341 TFT with touch, OLED, Encoder and Ethernet
STM32F4 mbed STM32F4 boards mbed OLED and Ethernet, (LTDC with touch beta)
STM32 Various STM32 Arduino StmDuino 3rd party tested and known to work

Display plugins

Theme plugins

Input plugins

Remotely controlling your menu / IoT

IoT control with embedCONTROLCompatible with embedCONTROL IoT

IoT and Remote control plugins

Creating / building / modifying plugins

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